Blair: France will reject extremism
Tony Blair says he trusts the French to reject extremism following the shock success of the country's far-right in presidential elections.

French poll result alarms Europe
Most of Europe's political leaders have reacted with horror to the success of far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen in the first round of France's presidential elections.

Le Pen: From also-ran to contender 
In a huge upset, extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen qualified on Sunday to face incumbent Jacques Chirac in the run-off for French president, according to media projections based on exit polls.

'We're British, and we're Jewish - and we're uneasy'
The UK's Jewish community is anxious, with reports of domestic anti-Semitism increasing as tensions mount in the Middle East. BBC News Online talks to two British Jews on their fears.

Rabbi fears anti-semitism rise
Britain's chief rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks tells the BBC he fears a backlash has started against British Jews in reaction to Israel's action in the West Bank. 

Youths attack synagogue in Ukraine
Youths attack synagogue in Ukraine KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — A crowd of about 50 youths attacked the central synagogue in Kiev, beating worshippers with stones and bottles and shattering windows, the rabbi said Sunday.

Israelis mark Holocaust Memorial Day
Air raid sirens have sounded throughout Israel to commemorate the Holocaust, the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Nazis and their sympathizers during World War II. 

Mideast violence divides France
An estimated 150,000 people have marched in Paris to denounce a wave of recent attacks on Jewish schools, cemeteries and synagogues in France. 

Five held over synagogue attacks
Police in France say they have detained five people after fire bombs were hurled at a synagogue outside the capital. 

France facing anti-Semitic attacks
Officials in France say they do not want the anger of the Middle East played out here, but earlier this week it looked unavoidable. 

Vandals target Jewish symbols
Attacks on Jewish communities continued across Europe as tension in the Mideast intensified. 

French, Belgian synagogues burned
A fire destroyed a synagogue in southern France during a weekend that saw a rash of attacks targeting Jews in France and Belgium, police say. 

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